Get Your House Move-Ready: 6 Tips for Procrastinators

March 14, 2017 | Moving Tips

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Are you paralyzed by a move to-do list that keeps growing? The good news is you CAN better manage procrastination tendencies.  Sometimes all you have to do is some inner work before the actual work will get done.  Ask yourself these questions, and change your mindset.

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Question:  Are you a perfectionist?  Does the kitchen declutter and pack up have to be done perfectly, or not at all?  Do you dread living with things out of place while the job gets done?

Action:  Keep in mind that the disarray is temporary, and focus your thoughts on the order you’ll have in your new home. Studies show that when people think about their goals in terms of what would happen if things go wrong, they procrastinate less. What will you do if your home isn’t ready for the first Open House or for Move Day? Think of the wasted time and money if all that stuff you no longer need ends up in your new place.

Question:  Is the problem because you’re always too tired or never in the mood for decluttering?

Action:  Change your mood!   Start with something very small requiring little energy (e.g. sort through 1 cutlery drawer) and relish in the mood boost you experience being one step closer to being ready. For bigger declutter projects (e.g. master closet), invite some friends over and make it a party.

Question:  Exactly what are you trying to do? Is your goal to declutter the entire house over one weekend?

Action: Set attainable goals and avoid multi-tasking. What’s wrong with 20-minute increments at the start? Just de-clutter the front hall closet today and forget about the playroom or calling the handyman.

Question: Which areas of your home need the most attention?  Are they spaces you are least inclined to tackle?

Action: Be realistic about your skill set and dislikes. If the basement is a complete mess and you hate the humidity down there, or the garage is dirty and too dusty for your allergies, hire help for those 2 areas. Focus on the rooms you love.

Question:  What time of day, or when during the week, have you been trying to get your house ready for the move?

Action: If you’re a morning person, and you wait until 7 pm to work on your home office, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  If the kids need chauffeuring to their many activities on weekends, can you take a day off from work?

Question: Do you feel you’re working with a structure? Do you have a declutter system and a list with doable tasks?

Action:  Make a plan, set goals with deadlines, and write it all down on paper or on the calendar. If you’re not inclined that way, hire help for that phase to get you started.

You can stop procrastinating if you identify the motivators that work for you and keep focused on the end goal.  If you need help just getting started, or some guidance throughout the whole move process, call Potomac Concierge. Our personal organizers are experienced in all aspects of home management and love helping people get their homes move ready.


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