6 Tips on Organizing Your Closet Before a Move

February 28, 2017 | Moving Tips

organizing closet before moving

If you’re packing up to move or getting ready for an open house, chances are your closets need some  attention.  Don’t wait until the last minute – three days before move day or the first showing isn’t early enough time! Here are some decluttering tips to help you organize your closet so it’s easy to pack up:

Plan ahead: The best time to start organizing your closets is as soon as you know you’re moving. Don’t waste time and money packing items you don’t want or need.  If you haven’t sold your house yet, think “prospective buyers”.

Create a declutter system: Set up at least 3 categories: Keep, Donate, and Trash. You may also want a Sell pile.

Make objective decisions: Be as objective as possible and enlist a friend if you get bogged down.  For clothing, ask yourself key questions. Does it fit? Have I worn it in the last 12 months?  Is it in style? Does it suit me? If it’s damaged, will I get it repaired? Would I buy it if shopping right now? Am I confident when I wear it?  Do I have other similar items?

Re-organize: Reorganize what’s left: Once the excess is cleared out, choose a system for rearranging. For clothing, it may be likes with likes, grouping by color, or seasonal sections.

Storage aides: Get as much off the floor as possible. Use containers (e.g. baskets) for shelf storage. Remove items that don’t belong (e.g. skis in bedroom closet). Add hooks to maximize space and avoid a mish mash of hangar styles.  A neat, structured closet is so much easier to pack than piles of clothes everywhere. It also makes the space appear larger for house shoppers.

Non-clothing: A house-wide closet purge involves many types of things but the system is basically the same. Review each item like you would an article of clothing. Will I ever play this board game again? Is it worth paying to get this old clock repaired? Does my son really want this out-dated printer?  How many sets of blue sheets do I really need?

If you’ve lived in your home awhile, getting the closets move-ready may be tedious work.  Assess the time you’ve got for the job. If you are crazy busy at work or the kids take much of your time, consider asking Potomac Concierge for help. Our professional organizers will transform every closet in the house. It will take the burden off of you, make the house look great, and reduce the work of packing up at your current home and the unpacking at your new place.

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