How to Move Your Valuables Safely – 8 Tips

September 4, 2018 | Moving Tips

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If you’re about to get settled into a new home, your to-do list is probably long. It’s important to organize and pre-plan a move meticulously to protect those items most precious to you. The list varies by individual, but it might include jewelry, important documents and files, prescriptions, electronic devices, priceless antiques, expensive artwork, heirlooms, or your toddler’s favorite toy! Here are some tips to keep in mind when moving valuable items.

1) Take Inventory

Make a list of all high-value items (high-value based monetarily or emotionally) and take photos of each one.  If something goes missing or is damaged, you’ll be grateful for the effort.

2) Do Not Part with Essentials

Do not pack your passport, other vital records, your extra set of car keys, or your prescription medications. The same goes for that expensive necklace or irreplaceable heirloom. Bring them with you personally. Replacing them can be a costly and stressful process.

3) Pack Carefully

The larger items must be packed since they’re not as easy for you to transport yourself. Your new computer, printer, and expensive speakers will go in the moving van. Make sure they are well packed.

4) Use Banker Boxes

Store your important work files in banker boxes. Everything will stay intact and you’ll be ready to continue working the instant you arrive at the new house. Label contents for ease in finding what you need.

5) Take Special Trips

In some cases, if you have very delicate items, it may be worth arranging for their move ahead of moving day, which is hectic.

6) Pack Right

Expensive items that are fragile need to be packed with extra caution. Bubble Wrap® or other packing material will protect your precious items if packed properly. It’s also important to use the right type of boxes. Your grandmother’s china needs a dish pack and the pieces must be packed side-by-side vertically—no stacking!

7) Document All Damage

If you discover damage after the moving van is emptied, write it down, have the lead mover acknowledge the problem with a signature, take several photos of the damaged item and of the box it came in.

8) Hire Known Vendors

Keep your most precious thing safe—your family. Chances are you’ll need something repaired, serviced, or upgraded in your new home. Don’t hire an unknown from the yellow pages. If you don’t know where to start, call Potomac Concierge for help. We have a list of trusted vendors of all types. We will arrange all appointments and have one of our Personal Assistants supervise the service call.

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Moving is exciting. With some careful pre-planning and attention to detail, your belongings will make it through the process safely. If you’re overwhelmed with a busy work schedule, young family, or life generally, contact Potomac Concierge. Our experienced Move Managers will take care of everything—we have seen everything and will ensure a seamless move for you and your family.

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