Home Organization Projects: How to Get Started

January 23, 2017 | Organization

Is your closet space running out? Are your filing cabinets overflowing? Is the basement storage area a disaster?  Maybe your realtor suggested a major decluttering before listing your home, or perhaps you’re about to downsize. Maybe you plan on moving up but want a fresh start. Whatever the reason or motivation, get started now. All you need is the right mindset, an allocated space to sort, and good options for getting rid of things.

How to Get Started on Your Organization/Decluttering Project

Set goals: Get in the mood for decluttering.  Peruse the internet and get inspired by before-after pictures, visit a friend with a clutter-free home, go to some open houses and see what a showcase home looks like, or, dare to dream!

Limit the mess: Have a designated space for all the sorting you’ll be doing. Place likes with likes as a first step and don’t get bogged down by evaluating every single item at this stage.

Make easy decisions first: Have trash/recycle bags handy and immediately discard those items you will definitely no longer need.

Discard piles: Separate out Keep, Donate, Trash, and Maybe. 

Manage piles: Sift through each grouping and determine the final destination of each item.  Keep in mind your goal of having a beautifully decluttered home and peaceful surroundings.  If you get stuck on any decisions, ask yourself:  Does this still bring me pleasure? Do I really need it?

Help others: Start the giveaway process by asking family and friends if they have interest in any of your things.  Then, if there is resale value, contact an auction house, consignment stores or other avenues.  Don’t forget about donation! There are charities for virtually every single item you may be discarding. Remember that others can use what you no longer need, as long as it is in good condition/wearable/clean.

Paper clutter:  Don’t forget your old files and loose papers. Documents you no longer need can be shredded at any number of local businesses.  Check with your county for free shredding services.

There is no time like the present, and why not start off the new year with a useful home project? Set aside some time this weekend and begin the process. If your fast-paced life makes decluttering difficult, call Potomac Concierge. Our professional organizers will quickly get your house looking fantastic.



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