Happiness and Home Organization: 8 Fun Facts

February 1, 2017 | Organization

You probably know that exercise releases endorphins and makes us happier. Did you know your brain also loves an organized house?  Living in a mess stresses us out, interfering with the production of our de-stressing hormone (cortisol).  Get motivated for decluttering by remembering how an organized home will bring you more joy:

8 Ways an Organized Home Boosts Your Happiness

Below are eight examples of how an organized home can lessens the tension, boost your happiness, and make your life a little better.

  1. Peace of mind:  Close your eyes and just imagine walking into your home after a tough day at work. There is order and everything has a place. Doesn’t that seem relaxing?
  2. Extra time:  Organization leads to more time – no searching high and low for things, no wasted shopping trips buying items you already have.
  3. Better eating:  Purge your home of clutter and rely on your body’s cortisol for de-stressing and not coping mechanisms like comfort foods or take-out.
  4. Exercise: The greatest barrier to healthy living is lack of time. If you’re organized, you’ll be more productive and efficient. Perhaps there is time for that yoga class!
  5. Fewer family conflicts: A messy home can create tension. An orderly house means fewer areas of conflict between you and your partner.
  6. Helping others: Your trash may be someone else’s treasure. Decluttering is a win-win situation.
  7. More socializing: Who wants to invite people over to a messy home?  By de-cluttering, you get rid of things you no longer need as well as the shame and embarrassment from having a disorganized house.
  8. Set An Example: Your kids are taking it all in. Set a good example; get rid of the clutter and the stress that goes with it.  Be happy.

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