Don’t Neglect Your Bathroom, Bedroom & These 6 Spots When Decluttering

February 14, 2020 |

Organized and decluttered home in Potomac area.

If a decluttered house is one of your 2020 goals, here is some information to help motivate you. Be assured that the challenges are shared by many of us! The two most common causes of clutter are excessive items or a lack of storage space. Here’s a list of eight commonly cluttered rooms and what you can do about them!

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1) KITCHEN – This is the busiest spot in most DC homes. Items can accumulate for many reasons and result in clutter. Organization can go a long way when decluttering your kitchen! Follow these simple steps:

  • Take stock of what your family really needs and get rid of any surplus items crammed in the drawers and shelves.
  • Store rarely used items on the higher shelves or in the pantry or basement.
  • Assess your shelving system – can an insert be added to maximize vertical space?
  • Throw away all damaged glassware, mugs, and plates as well as lidless storage containers.

2) FAMILY ROOM – This tends to be the second most used room and can be strewn with newspapers, toys, and chargers from everyone’s electronic devices.  Having the right furniture, as well as some attractive storage cabinets or baskets, is important. Everything needs a place – books on a bookshelf, and toys, crafts, and electronic paraphernalia hidden in a cabinet or other non-clear storage container.

3) ENTRYWAYS – This is where you’ll find all the school backpacks, reusable grocery bags, shoes, and jackets.  Each family member needs a specified space for their belongings in the mudroom or foyer, and must follow preset rules for what is allowed to remain there.

4) DINING ROOM – School projects, mail opening, and toy assembly are among the activities often done here.  The problem is that weeks and months can go by with clutter remaining in the space.  Set limits for how long something can sit on the dining room table.  After, say, one week, each piece of mail should be either in the recycling bin, on your desk for action, or filed away.

5) BEDROOMS – If there isn’t adequate storage for all of your clothes, then out-of-season items must be kept elsewhere (basement, attic, guest room).  Use these additional tips to declutter your closet:

  • Donate anything that no longer fits. The same thing goes for clothes you don’t feel good in and don’t wear.
  • Assess your furniture – would a larger dresser help?
  • If the options above won’t work for you, a closet renovation may be the best way to make better use of the space

6) BATHROOMS – Expired prescriptions and hotel soaps and shampoos can take away valuable space from more important items.  Throw away old medicines, consider moving current prescriptions to a nearby linen closet, and donate unopened mini shampoos to a shelter.

7) STUDY – Paper overflow is always a challenge. If you can’t see the desk or the filing cabinet drawers cannot be closed, it’s time to declutter.  Shred old documents that are no longer needed, set up a filing system that makes sense for you, and clear the desk every week.

8) GARAGE – Is there no room to park?  Pitch or donate everything no longer used. Invest in some good shelving and hooks to get as much off the floor as possible.  Remove everything from the garage. Sort and place likes with likes. Set up stations (e.g., gardening, bikes, winter shovels, holiday decorations).

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