Home Organization Tip: Give Clutter-Free Holiday Gifts

November 29, 2016 | Organization

Only 3.1% of the world’s children live in America, but they own 40% of the toys consumed globally (UCLA). There are 300,000 items in the average American home (LA Times).  This year, give clutter-free gifts:

26 Clutter-Free Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Event tickets:  These include movies, plays, concerts and sporting events.
  2. A class or a workshop:  It could be a one-day French cooking class, a weekend quilting session, or a 2-month pottery class.
  3. Every-month clubs: Think beyond magazine subscriptions.  Flowers-of-the month and vegetable box deliveries (farmer’s market) are great, too.
  4. The gift of time:  A Potomac Concierge gift certificate can help a loved one take care of the endless ‘to dos’ and rid house of clutter and create an organized, peaceful home.
  5. Home maintenance:  Consider giving Handyman services, or gift cards to Home Depot or Lowes.
  6. Home improvement:  Have a landscape architect draft plans for a new deck and give to your spouse.
  7. Help others declutter: Buy your mom a paper shredder as motivation to safely dispose of her old bank account statements. Offer her your time to organize the kitchen.
  8. Car-related:  Car owners might like a vanity license plate, gas gift card, AAA membership, or car wash IOU.
  9. Green thumb: Attach a gift card from your local nursery to a bag of potting soil.
  10. Family outings: Movie nights, park outings, museum visits, or laser tag are all fun activities.
  11. Babysitting: Allow new parents a night out.  An IOU along with tickets to a play makes a great gift.
  12. Homemade dinner:  Promise a home cooked meal on a specific day.
  13. Calendar:  Give your Dad a weekly appointment calendar with all the children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation days marked.
  14. Food or drink: Consumable gift options are limitless. Some examples include pastries from a favorite bakery, craft beer, specialty coffee or sorted teas.
  15. Summer camp: Give the ultimate childhood experience to your grandkids.
  16. Kids lessons:  Help your children or grandkids gain new skills. (e.g. horse back riding, ice skating).
  17. Digital downloads: Don’t give children and teens physical video games. Digital downloads are available for sale on-line.
  18. Trips: This could be a day trip, a weekend get-away, or a weeklong cruise.
  19. A day off: Give your husband a round of golf or time at the driving range. Surprise your wife with a day at the spa.
  20. Experience: Help someone with his or her bucket list  (e.g. skydiving lesson).
  21. Photo album:  For the person with a box full of loose photos, organize them into an album or digitize the pictures for the whole family to enjoy.
  22. Family memento:  Assemble all the grandkids for a professional photo shoot.
  23. Memberships:  Some examples are gym, Zoo, and ski passes.
  24. College fund: New parents or young teens appreciate money towards a college fund.
  25. Redecorating:  Update your teen’s bedroom.
  26. Donations: Sponsor a child with monthly donations.  Give to Doctors Without Borders.  Donate to your loved one’s church, synagogue, or mosque.

Gift-Shopping, Gift-Wrapping, and other Help for the Holidays

Contact Potomac Concierge and we will help you find the perfect clutter-free gifts for the whole family. Our Personal Assistants will brainstorm and do the legwork.  We can help lower your stress at holiday time. Give us a call today for help for the holidays!

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