6 Organizing Tips After a Home Remodel

Organization Tips After a Home Remodel

The last work crew is gone, and you are that much closer to fully enjoying your “new” home. Here are some tips for getting your house in ship-shape quickly after a renovation of any size.

  1. Clean – All the debris must be removed. Despite the contractor’s efforts to cover your belongings, dust has a way of settling on things. Arrange for a deep clean of your home once the crew has left. Make sure you hire someone with good reviews.
  2. Declutter – Start fresh. If you didn’t pare down before, do it as you unpack the boxes. Who wants junk cluttering up their new drawers and cupboards? Separate everything into three piles: donate, trash, and keep. Check out our decluttering guide for more tips!
  3. Remove grime – If your dishes have been packed for a year in boxes, you may want to wash them. Don’t underestimate the effort required.
  4. Reassess space – The way you used to organize the now-renovated space may no longer work. Figure out a new system.
  5. Prep – Do you need protective liners in your new cupboards? Are there shelves that need adjusting (the tall bottle of olive oil doesn’t fit)? Have you noticed any defects in the handiwork that need correcting? Do you own the right sized ladder for reaching the highest cupboards in the new kitchen? What about matching bins for the remodeled rec room or master walk-in? Do you need shoe racks for the foyer closet? The list goes on. Budget sufficient time for trips to the store or phone calls to solve issues. If you are too busy, ask a professional organizer for help.
  6. Set aside time – Depending on the size of your renovation, set aside a few days for unpacking boxes and cleaning up. Alternatively, hire a professional organizer to handle everything and avoid disruption to your routine.

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