Home Remodel Management: 8 Pre-Renovation Tips


Are you are planning a home improvement project in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia? For a stress-free experience, whether your project involves the entire house, just one room, or anything in between, read on for some tips at the planning stage.

  1. Hire a trusted team – It’s a big investment, so make sure a trusted company handles your renovation. Be sure you are both on the same page as to what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. If you don’t know where to start, consider asking Potomac Concierge for help. We’ll get the ball rolling and obtain estimates from reputable renovation companies we know.
  2. Declutter before work begins – Now is the time to get rid of excess! Get rid of what you do not need or use—streamline. There’s no need to pack up and move items you will never use.
  3. Pack up – Pack up every single item in the affected area and arrange for its storage either off-site or somewhere else in your home. Arrange for movers to relocate.
  4. Set up temporary living areas – You may need to rent a home while the work is being done. If you’re staying put, temporary living areas need to be created. A kitchen can be set up in the basement. The guest room can be converted into a master bedroom.
  5. Keep belongings safe – You want quality packing, and this takes experience. If your kitchen/dining room renovation will take a year, you need to know that your good china is well packed and stored properly. Artwork is also vulnerable and needs protection.
  6. Protect your family – Nothing is more important than the safety of your family. Ensure that everyone entering your home is a licensed, insured, and bonded professional. You also need to secure those areas of your home that are off-limits to the work crew.
  7. Communicate – A home renovation requires constant communication with the contractor. If you’re already overwhelmed with a demanding job and busy family, consider getting help. Potomac Concierge can expertly convey your needs, concerns, and expectations to those involved in the project.
  8. Solve problems – Someone must be in charge of resolving issues as they will arise.

A well-planned home renovation project is the best approach. Contact Potomac Concierge by calling (240) 200-4824, and we can assist with handling the logistics, organizing, packing, and helping to keep things on track.

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