5 Ways Professional Organizers Declutter & Keep Peace in the Family

November 7, 2017 | Downsizing , Organization

Decluttering with the Help of Professional Organizers

Are you downsizing after many years? Decluttering a home is tedious work and may cause friction in the family. Nostalgia can make clearing out a house nearly impossible, even if only one person in the household cannot let go. The process is a lot more than simply purging and delegating.

Here’s how we can help manage your move and keep harmony in the family:

  1. Get the ball rolling: If your move is fast-approaching but progress is slow, you may need an objective opinion to help move you forward. Disagreement about top priorities and how to begin can bring decluttering to a standstill.
  2. Be nonjudgmental: Friends and family may be eager to help, but will they criticize? You probably have a lifetime of memories stored in the basement, attic, or children’s rooms. We understand! What you need right now is patience and kindness along with efficiency to ensure everything is distributed properly.
  3. Set ground rules: It’s important to establish rules for what stays and goes. For example, throw away items that are broken and distribute clothes not worn in over a year. Does it make more sense to store items that have never been used in the dank basement of your new smaller home or give them away to an appreciative niece?
  4. Present options: Letting go of your now adult children’s things is hard. How about keeping one or two items left behind from each child? Reduce the mound of family photos by creating one or two albums of key milestones as a keepsake, then scan the rest.
  5. Save time: A lack of time plus declutter stress equals strained relationships. The pressure of a looming move date is difficult whether you’re decluttering your own home or helping a relative. If you’re already balancing a busy job and raising kids, when will you find the time to declutter your childhood home? Your parents need support, not resentment.

Don’t strain your relationship with your spouse or parents. Life is too short. Call Potomac Concierge at (240) 200-4824 or contact us online today and our experienced professional organizers will manage everything for you.

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