10 Steps for Getting Your DC-Area House Sale-Ready by Spring

February 5, 2018 | Moving Tips

How to Get Your House Sale-Ready

According to realtors—the people who really know prospective buyers—house shoppers try to visualize themselves in your house. A perfectly organized, sparkling clean, and depersonalized home is most appealing. Here’s how to make your house stand out in the competitive Washington, DC, market:

1) Remember that housing is now an investment – Your house may be a consumption item during the time you live there, but it’s 100% investment once the For Sale sign goes up. Distance yourself from the emotional attachments and start focusing on maximizing sale price and the exciting time ahead in your new house.

2) Neutralize every room – Remove photographs and personal items like trophies and souvenirs. Think “model home.”

3) Declutter – Buyers hate overflowing bookshelves, overstuffed closets and drawers, and attics and basements piled high with boxes. It makes the home look smaller and is distracting. Take stock after a major declutter; you may want to rent a storage unit while your house is on the market.

4) Reorganize the kitchen – This is probably the most important room. Every cupboard should be neat, orderly, clean, and at less than full capacity. Likes should be placed with likes. Toss chipped or mismatching dishes. Clear the countertop.

5) Professionally organize closets – Hang clothes on matching hangers, place the same colors together, arrange hanging clothes in the same direction, and avoid storing items on the floor. Everything on the shelves must be folded neatly, and buyers need to see unused space to visualize their clothes.

6) Remove special items – Before showing the house, remove/replace anything you absolutely want to keep. Don’t risk complicating any offers with non-negotiable items. This may include window coverings, appliances, or light fixtures.

7) Hire a handyman – Buyers don’t want to see holes in the walls, drawers that stick, outlandish paint colors, or leaky faucets.

8) Deep clean – The house needs a full spring cleaning: windows washed, fridge cleaned, worn towels replaced, floors waxed, etc.

9) Maximize curb appeal – Think first impressions. Does the front door need painting? Is the walkway free of debris? Do the lawn and garden need work? Winter homebuyers want to see clean gutters and clear walkways.

10) Develop a plan and consider getting help– Selling a home is a big project. You need a master to-do list and the motivation to get it all done. Remember that time is a limited resource and each day has only 24 hours! If you’re already stressed with job demands and a busy family, hire a professional move manager for all or part of the project. You’ll save valuable time and energy while avoiding frustration.

The busy spring market is around the corner, and it’s time to get your house ready. January is when you should start. If you’re downsizing your home, moving up with a growing family, or transferring to a new city, you may need moving help.

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