These Personal Organizers In Potomac Can Help You Unpack After A Move!

June 15, 2017 | Moving Tips , Organization

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The movers are officially gone, and you’re surrounded by boxes on boxes of your belongings. Where do you start to organize your home after a move? When will the book boxes get unpacked? Are you dreading the take-out food while your kitchen is chaotic? If you work from home, the office cannot be out of commission too long.  

Unpacking a family home is a big deal, and can be overwhelming at best and disastrous at worst (what if you can’t find the sheets?). Consider hiring a team of professional organizers to help.  Here’s what we’ll do:

House overall – Personal organizers will unpack and organize every inch of each room, all the closets, and every drawer.

Kitchen – Placement of everything will be based on usage and space availability.

Living Room – Your mementos will be nicely displayed and necessities at hand.

Dining Room – The china, crystal, silverware, and linens will be organized and put away so your home is guest-ready.

Bathrooms – Your shower curtains need hanging, or perhaps new ones must be purchased. Professional organizers will make the en-suite, hall bath, and powder rooms all looking great.

Bedrooms – Our personal home organizers will ensure they are set up quickly. For young children it’s especially important for a smooth transition.

Basement – Organizing the kids’ refuge is important. You when it’s done, you can enjoy some peace while they are able to entertain themselves.

Storage – Personal organizers find spaces for those items you don’t need just yet (e.g. holiday decorations, ski equipment).

Home Office – Time is money. The team will ensure your files, desk, and equipment are all back in working order ASAP.

Garage – After a move, many people live with cluttered garages for years! Remember, personal organizers aren’t limited to the inside of a home.

Shopping – There will be items you don’t anticipate needing (e.g. area rugs, shelf liners. towels). Save yourself some time and let us make the purchases and install.

For a Smooth Transition After a Move, Hire a Personal Organizer

If you’re anticipating a move, treat yourself to an organized, efficient unpack. If you’re a typical Washingtonian, work demands and perhaps a busy family leave little time to organize an entire house. Potomac Concierge will help. Our experienced move managers and professional organizers will get you settled quickly and leave you time for the important things in life. Contact us now to see how we can help. 

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