Holiday Prep and Decorating – 9 Organization Tips

November 18, 2016 | Organization

Holidays are close!!  While they are wonderful, they can bring stress. You can minimize the EXTRA layer of stress holidays create by following these tips:

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  1. Plan ahead:  Draft a master plan with the time-sensitive tasks at the top: shipping gifts abroad, holiday cards, and house renovations/repairs before the holiday party or arrival of houseguests.
  2. Decorate:  Don’t stop at the foyer. Some holiday decorating—just small touches—throughout creates a more festive feel.
  3. Less is more:  Keep in mind the fine line between attractively festive and too much.   Don’t overwhelm your home or your lawn. 
  4. Candles and lighting:  Lighting can help create the right ambiance. Dim the lights and use candles with caution.
  5. Baking treats: Holidays are all about those special once-a-year treats. Build time into your plan for this – either baking or a trip to your favorite bakery.
  6. Gift wrapping: Coordinating gift-wrap styles and colors, finding unique ribbon and accents, gathering the right-size boxes to wrap loose items all take time.  Set aside time so recipients don’t see what you are packing!!
  7. Involve the kids: Get the kids to help as much as possible and create lasting memories and traditions.
  8. Plan for the unexpected: Ensure there’s enough food in the freezer for unexpected drop-ins.  Have ready a basket of pre-wrapped, inexpensive gifts just in case.
  9. Know when to hire help for the holidays:  A lot of holiday prepping is fun, but know your limits and hire help for the holidays before things get out of control. Get assistance from close friends and family, or ask Potomac Concierge and our professional organizers and personal assistants will help.

Help for the Holidays in Washington, DC

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 Stay tuned for our next blog on post holiday organization and learn how to properly store your ornaments, lights, artificial trees/wreaths and more!



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