Happiness and Home Organization: 8 Fun Facts

You probably know that exercise releases endorphins and makes us happier. Did you know your brain also loves an organized house?  Living in a mess stresses us out, interfering with the production of our de-stressing hormone (cortisol).  Get motivated for decluttering by remembering how an organized home will bring you more joy:

Home Organization Projects: How to Get Started

Is your closet space running out? Are your filing cabinets overflowing? Is the basement storage area a disaster?  Maybe your realtor suggested a major decluttering before listing your home, or perhaps you’re about to downsize. Maybe you plan on moving up but want a fresh start. Whatever the reason or motivation, get started now. All […]

Home Organization Tip: Give Clutter-Free Holiday Gifts

Only 3.1% of the world’s children live in America, but they own 40% of the toys consumed globally (UCLA). There are 300,000 items in the average American home (LA Times).  This year, give clutter-free gifts: 26 Clutter-Free Holiday Gift Ideas Event tickets:  These include movies, plays, concerts and sporting events. A class or a workshop:  […]

Get Your Kitchen Organized and Holiday-Ready in 8 Steps

  The kitchen is the heart of every home, and that is never truer than at holiday time.  Festivities can involve cooking for large groups, parties, and houseguests.  Plan ahead and actually enjoy the precious time with family and friends! If you lack the time, ask a professional organizer to help.

10 Steps to an Organized Office

Is a cluttered home office making your insanely busy life more stressful? Take a few minutes and read our 10 steps to getting organized. Either do it yourself, or have one of our trained professional organizers whip your home office into shape.

Fall Home Maintenance: 17 Items to Check

It’s time to start thinking about fall home maintenance! Be proactive now and avoid headaches and costs from repairs later.  Another reason for fall home maintenance is to keep your family safe by ensuring all systems function properly. If you’re overwhelmed with work demands and/or children, hire a personal organizer.

Home Renovation Advice: Organize and Supervise

Poorly planned home renovations can be stressful and lead to emotions running high. Do your homework, prep the house, and properly supervise the crews. If you can’t be around for much of the work, consider hiring a personal assistant to handle overseeing the entire renovation, or any part of the process.  If you’re in the […]

The Right Way to Prep for a Kitchen Renovation: Strategic Home De-cluttering

A kitchen renovation can be disruptive for the whole family. Stay organized to keep your sanity before, during, and after the project. If you’re short on time, hire a professional organizer for assistance. The first task is deciding where to set up a temporary food prep area.  You’ll need a spot to make school lunches, […]

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