6 Ways Professional Organizers Can Help People with Hoarding Tendencies

January 22, 2019 |

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Do you or a loved one have an excessive amount of clutter that limits living space?  Do you or a family member feel severe anxiety when trying to throw things out?  We all need help at times, and there are valuable ways in which you may benefit from a professional organizer.

1. Speed – Facing a move is extremely stressful for just about anyone. For someone with chronic disorganization or a home filled to the brim, it can be impossible to do alone.  Entrusting the pack-up job to a team of professional organizers will ensure you make the deadline.

2. Reclaim Your Home – Sometimes a home can lose its functionality if the occupants have accumulated too many items for its limited square footage.  For example, the master bedroom may no longer be usable as a bedroom, forcing one to sleep on the sleeper sofa in the living room.  An experienced professional can reorganize the space so you can once again live comfortably.

3. Save Your Home – If you are threatened with eviction due to safety issues from large amounts of belongings, you don’t have time to resolve the issue alone. You need help to fix the problem on time.

4. Lower Stress – People who suffer from hoarding or chronic disorganization feel distressed by discarding their belongings.  A good professional organizer knows this and understands. Donating some items is often a good option once one is reminded that others may find joy in receiving them. Failing that, categorizing every item that needs boxing up and labeling extremely well is effective.  It’s crucial that you or a loved one can locate everything, whether it is a new home or the current house being reorganized.

5. No Judgement – Experienced professional organizers do not judge their clients.  Their job is to tackle a problem and solve it as seamlessly as possible. We recognize that you may be experiencing a temporary rough patch, as many of us do!  A professional organizer’s job is not to cure anyone of hoarding, or to force anyone to amass fewer items. It is, above all, to manage a person’s belongings in the least stressful way.

6. Coordinate Vendors – When people are going through a major reorganization or a move involving an extreme number of belongings, certain services are often required. These may include a moving company, storage unit, handyman, termite control, dumpsters, electricians, and carpet cleaners.  You may prefer to delegate the task of hiring vendors to a professional organizer who has a tried-and-true list of vendors who deliver great service at fair prices.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with a house full of belongings that need to be moved or reorganized, call (240) 200-4824 or contact Potomac Concierge online for help.  Our experienced and empathetic professional organizers will work as a team to accomplish your goals and protect the contents of your home.

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