Personal Assistant Services in Chevy Chase

personal assistant services in Chevy Chase

If you’re tired of  juggling work, daily responsibilities, and household emergencies, your solution is simple: employ a personal assistant. If you’re looking for the highest-caliber, most competent, and most experienced personal assistants, you’ll find them here at Potomac Concierge.

With a personal assistant to tackle all the tasks you don’t either have time for, can’t do, or simply don’t want to do, you’ll have more time to spend with your family, to travel, or to pursue those passions you didn’t have time for before. From decluttering to filing and organizing personal paperwork, our accomplished personal assistants in Chevy Chase will get it done.

Potomac Concierge’s personal assistant services include unmatched, white-glove assistance with anything that stands between you and a relaxed, organized life. You can trust that we carefully pair you with one of our experienced professionals, based on your needs and lifestyle. Our personal assistants are exceedingly detail-oriented, often getting to know your routines and requests so well they can anticipate your needs.

Your convenience is of utmost importance to us, so if you don’t see a service listed below, please ask us about it. Of course, we will work with you to draw up a plan of personal assistant services based on your specific needs.

Our Personal Assistant Services in the Chevy Chase Area

Potomac Concierge does not have a set list of tasks our personal assistants will complete because our personal assistant services are completely customizable. We’ve catered to jet-setting families who need help organizing travel and caring for their empty home as well as business executives that simply don’t have the time to manage home projects.

 A few of the personal assistant services we have accomplished in Chevy Chase in the past include:

  • Home management and maintenance (including meeting the cable person, waiting for a delivery, or finding you a top electrician)
  • Home renovation (managing and overseeing)
  • Home/life organization
  • Bill paying
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Entertainment, party, and travel planning
  • Grocery and personal shopping
  • Litigation support (gathering and organizing documents, managing appraisals, etc.)
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Insurance claim filing
  • Research and oversee projects
  • Errands

How Our Personal Assistant Services Work

Your complete happiness is our goal, so we ensure we understand your needs exactly. During our first meeting, we will ask you detailed questions to understand your needs and lifestyle so we can match you with a personal assistant near your Chevy Chase home who has the appropriate skills and experience.

Contact Potomac Concierge for Personal Assistant Services in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Don’t spend another minute feeling stressed out about your to-do list. Contact us today to set up a consultation for a personal assistant in Chevy Chase, and hand off your time-consuming tasks to us.

Once we determine the ideal personal assistant for you, we will arrange a virtual or brief meet-and-greet. Then you and your personal assistant will discuss your “to do” list or prioritize tasks, settle on a communication method (phone, email, text, etc.), and you can let out a sigh of relief – your tasks will be expertly handled.

Throughout our work together, your personal assistant will keep you updated on progress and confirm new tasks as you request them. Find out more of what our Chevy Chase personal assistants can do for you by starting a conversation with us today.

We’re Local to the Chevy Chase Area!

Our personal assistants are based right here in Chevy Chase, MD! Our entire service area includes:

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