Personal Assistants & Business Concierge in McLean, Virginia

Personal Assistants & Business Concierge in McLean, Virginia 

Potomac Concierge is here when you need it most. We assist with many personal as well as business tasks. We also provide move management services and help with personal organization.

Every team member understands the need for 100% confidentiality when helping you move or organizing your personal or professional tasks. We work to provide McLean residents with all the individual and business services they need daily.

We provide honest and reliable services to residents throughout the McLean area. Call 240-200-4824 today or contact Potomac Concierge online to speak with our specialists today!

Home Organization 

Keeping your home organized is essential if you want things to go smoothly. From organizing your kitchen and closets to decluttering the entire house, the goal is to eliminate wasted space and keep your home as tidy as possible.

Potomac Concierge also works to organize and maintain your home office. It doesn’t matter if you have lived in your home for years or just moved in. Having a fresh set of eyes with some experience will help you clean up things so you are proud of your living space.

Home Maintenance 

Home maintenance is one of the most extensive responsibilities you have as a homeowner. With work and family obligations, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the maintenance tasks you need to keep your home and its components in good working order.

Our team of professional problem solvers at Potomac Concierge will organize all of your home maintenance tasks to perform on schedule as needed. We have several contractors who we rely on to provide quality service to our customers.

Potomac Concierge offers many services designed to maintain your home. Call 240-200-4824 or contact us online if you live in the McLean area and need our services!

McLean Move Management 

Moving is stressful. Everything must be carefully planned and managed. There are many instances when your new home is ready but your old home has yet to sell. In McLean, the staff at Potomac Concierge understands the moving process.

We ensure your home is secure if it’s left vacant for any time. We take care of all the close-out tasks involved with switching homes and will ensure that it’s thoroughly cleaned and maintained until it is no longer in your possession.

Personal Assistants 

Busy individuals sometimes need a little personal assistance to stay on track. We offer the following:

  • Home management and maintenance
  • Time-saving tasks like errands and appointment scheduling
  • Gift services
  • Paperwork services like paying bills or filing
  • Lifestyle services like grocery shopping

Our assistance services allow you to spend more time with your family and less time on your day-to-day living activities.

Office Organization in Virginia 

An office is a workspace, whether it is in your home or an office building. The team at Potomac Concierge offers a complete list of office organization services to keep your business running smoothly. We offer the following:

  • Email organization
  • Digital file and document organization
  • Paper management
  • Management of your supplies
  • Time and task management
  • Tax organization
  • Bill management
  • Paperwork assistance

Our professional team ensures that your office management needs are taken care of and that your business runs as smoothly as possible.

When you want an office management team that is honest and reliable in McLean, call 240-200-4824 or contact us online. We can take care of your business and ensure everything goes as it should.

Corporate Concierge and Business Assistance 

Potomac Concierge offers corporate concierge and business assistance services that will allow you to keep up with your most important priorities without letting the little things slide, including:

Administrative assistance: We’ll take care of your corporate and business administrative needs, such as taking care of short staffing, creating and organizing new organization systems and inboxes, and more.

Standby concierge: From waiting for a new Wi-Fi service or overseeing a repair for your business needs, our team has you covered to ensure the best results.

Hourly concierge services: Our team of business experts will gladly take care of your work’s errand list, including planning travel arrangements to shopping for office supplies.

We can handle all of your tasks and provide team-wide assistance to keep your business on task and working efficiently.

Choose Potomac Concierge for Your Personal & Business Needs in McLean, VA

Part of our job is knowing what each client needs before they realize it. Potomac Concierge is committed to dependable, honest, and reliable concierge services.

When you choose our team for your home and business needs, you can always expect personalized rates and more than 15 years of proven expertise.

At Potomac Concierge, our specialists will find home and organization solutions that work for you. Call 240-200-4824 today or contact us online today!

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