Meet the Team

Potomac Concierge was founded by two women who realized that the demands of a career, family, and personal needs can be overwhelming.

With their staff of specialists, they enjoy helping others find a balance in their lives.

A Sampling of our Associates:

ANNE  has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Bachelors in Economics. She began her career in retail banking management, ensuring top-notch customer service and a well-organized staff. She then worked in housing finance policy. Her organizational skills, creativity, and attention to detail were critical in drafting policy papers for senior officials and also in coordinating conferences and symposiums, managing a large office move, and planning social events. After raising three children, Anne recognizes the daily challenges in work-life balance. She is people-oriented and thoroughly enjoys easing a client’s stress with exemplary planning, problem solving, and organization.

CHERYL  holds a master of science degree in Speech/Language Pathology from UNC – Chapel Hill. Teaching life skills, she enjoyed working with a wide range of clients that ranged from infants to the elderly. While raising her two children, Cheryl turned her focus to volunteer work. While working at the Children’s Inn at NIH, she organized the reception of children and their families from around the world visiting NIH for care. Cheryl has a passion for supervising projects both big and small including fund raising events for Cause, an organization for returning wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Hospital. She has extensive knowledge and resources in home design, function, and space, which–along with her attention to every detail–makes her a valuable member of our team.

COLEEN holds a MBA in Marketing/Management from Babson College, Wellesley, MA. As an accomplished sales manager with L’Oréal Cosmetics and mother of three children, Coleen has developed excellent organizational, planning, and problem solving skills. Every project she takes on shines with her attention to detail and her sense of decorating and design are a plus. She is very personable and active in volunteer activities and is always available to provide assistance at any level.

JANET  has a bachelors degree in Management Information Systems and has strong financial, organizational, and logistical skills. Prior to taking time off to raise her children and volunteer extensive time within the school systems to raise funds and develop campaigns, she was a successful business person at Freddie Mac and Deloitte. She also possesses strong communication and customer skills. Her “take care of it” disposition and attention to detail makes her a pleasure to work with. She likes to keep herself and others organized to the fullest.

JOYCE has a BS from the University of Maryland with a background in corporate recruiting, sales, marketing, and property management. Having raised four children, she possesses excellent skills in household management, managing complex situations, and keeping things running smoothly. She has experience with small tasks: errands, waiting for repairmen, and house checks. She also has immeasurable experience managing larger tasks such as decluttering, staging, managing moves, and remodeling projects. Joyce has an understanding of what clients need to be able to enjoy their lives by creating and implementing solutions to manage and organize their personal life.

SANDI  is a native New Englander with a BA in education from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She has worked in the medical field as both an office manager for a medical practice and as an operating room coordinator for the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Tufts New England Medical Center. After leaving the workplace to be a stay-at-home mom for her three children, she returned to work as a teacher. During this time, she was also involved in many volunteer activities where she was instrumental in arranging numerous charity events. This varied background has contributed to her excellent organizational, time and management skills, her ability to problem solve, and her can-do attitude.

SUSAN holds an MA in Spanish Language and Literature from Rice University. She has spent most of her professional life working at large law firms as a translator/interpreter and international legal assistant, where she gained extensive skills in client relations, business organization, managing, and overseeing complex projects often in high-pressure environments. As a resident of Spain for over six years, Susan has managed international moves and has become a specialist in coordinating with global entities and handling day-to-day issues that often arise. She is extremely personable and an expert at follow through, always with an eye on getting the job done in a pleasurable way.

SYDNEY has a degree in Communications from Virginia Tech. She enjoyed a very successful career working as a Systems Engineer throughout the United States and internationally. After taking time off to raise a family, Sydney returned to work starting a business as a Hunter Douglas dealer and years as a merchandiser/account representative handling up to 52 accounts. Sydney can quickly move her clients from clutter and chaos to organization and a smooth operation. Her organizational and management skills have been an asset. Having grown up in the military, she has the experience of handling many moves! She always wears a smile on her face and has never met a stranger.

VICKI  has a passion for helping people reduce the stress in their lives. After a successful global career, she knows firsthand the pressure that comes with success and the value of trusted assistance to help with personal tasks. Vicki was a US government executive and has led projects for World Bank and USAID to help countries recover from conflict and disasters. She lived in Bosnia, Poland, Indonesia, and Egypt for work and now specializes in moves and organizing. She earned an MBA in Finance from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from San Jose State University. Vicki loves challenges and tackles them with calm, efficiency, expedience, and a smile.

AUDREY  has extensive experience in advertising—agency and client-based, as well as event planning—and managing PGA tournaments, galas with 1,000 attendees, and countless fundraisers. She was never without a PTA position throughout her daughter’s schooling. Meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a sense of humor have made her a success in both her professional and personal life. There is no project she will not tackle and complete with enthusiasm and success.

Dionne holds a bachelor of science degree in biology from Catholic University. She entered the technology field early in her career and while raising her daughter, spent over 30 years providing systems and project management at The Washington Post.  She possesses strong communication and customer skills. As a business analyst, she brings organizational and technical expertise to the organization. Dionne is energetic, outgoing and ready to accept any challenge.

Kelly has a  degree in Business and Finance from Mount Saint Mary’s University. After a successful career in retail, Kelly paused to raise a family during which she did extensive volunteer work.  Kelly happily uses her creativity, love of design, and eye for fashion to navigate client needs. She is an astute listener and her energetic, “can do” attitude shines through on projects big and small. She is efficient and has a knack for knowing the difference between collections and clutter.

ALEX has a degree in Psychology/Gerontology and enjoys working with our elder clients. As a mother of three, she is also excellent at managing day-to-day tasks of busy moms and professionals. Alex’s background is in sales and management. These skills have helped her successfully manage many of our clients. Whether it be scheduling trips for your family, helping manage contractors and more, she can help! She enjoys helping others get organized and stay on track. Alex has an international background and enjoys traveling and photography.

MARGARET’S career in the corporate world spans more than twenty years, most of which was in Information Technology. Her experience in software development, technical support management, and marketing management gives her invaluable knowledge to assist our clients with their organizational needs and general problem solving. Margaret’s approach to a problem is methodical and comprehensive.

Together, the above associates and others, bring a wealth of experience to provide individual and corporate services to juggle family, career and personal life.

A 10-minute phone call could change your life!

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