Our Move Management Service Solutions in MD, DC & Northern VA

Whether you’re moving into a new home, downsizing, or simply trying to reorganize your existing space, the expert move managers at Potomac Concierge are here to help. We offer a variety of service packages for downsizing, organizing, unpacking, and settling in. From cleaning out your attic to organizing an estate sale, our personal assistants will take out all of the stress so that you can enjoy your transition to your new home or refreshed lifestyle.

To learn more about the move management services we offer at Potomac Concierge in the DC metro area, please contact us online or call (240) 200-4824 today!

Move Management Solutions for Downsizing & Organizing

We offer service packages in the following timeframes:

  • 4 hours– Perfect for focusing on one room or clearing out the clutter in your home, this package is the right amount of time for a specific project or task.
  • 8 hours– This next-level package is ideal for tackling a broader area of your home, such as an entire floor or living space.
  • 12 hours– If you’re moving or downsizing, we can use this time to sort through all of your belongings, then decide what items to keep and where to keep them.
  • 16 hours– For a bigger transition or major overhaul, we’ll split our time into several sessions to prepare you for your new living space or make your current home more functional.

A La Carte Services

If you need one specific service for your home, choose from any of these options (4-hour minimum required):

  • Planning, coordinating, and organizing the entire moving process, including a moving timeline and vendor management
  • Guiding clients through a structured and simple decision-making process to eliminate clutter and organize belongings
  • Arranging, sorting, and labeling possessions by category (keep, donate, discard, sell, or pass along to family and friends)
  • Coordinating shipping, estate sales, appraisers, and storage facilities
  • Assisting in securing a dependable moving company
  • Laying out floor plans for new homes
  • Overseeing vendors to prepare previous house for sale
  • Labeling every box and piece of furniture with room location
  • Preparing new homes for move-in (cleaning, window treatments, etc.)
  • Purchasing new items for home
  • Discontinuing services at old home (lawn services, mail, newspaper delivery, etc.) and, when appropriate, transferring services to new home

Move Management Solutions for Unpacking & Settling In

Here are our services that vary by the amount of necessary time and tasks:

  • Get me started– With this package, you receive 10 hours of unpacking and organizing services that will help unpack the essentials and reduce your stress on move-in day.
  • Make my new home operational– With this package, you receive 20 hours of unpacking and organizing services that will ensure your home is ready for a relaxing evening, including all sheets on the bed and all groceries in the pantry.
  • Have a place for everything and everything in its place– With this full-service package, you receive 50 hours of unpacking, organizing, and settling-in services (as well as a full suite of concierge services—more information upon booking) to make sure that your home is completely ready for living.

A La Carte Services

If you need one specific service for your home, choose from any of these options (4-hour minimum required):

  • Directing furniture and box placement
  • Unpacking, organizing, and setting up all living spaces
  • Removing all packing materials after unpacking and organizing
  • Reconnecting electronics
  • Hanging pictures and shelves, mounting TV, and reassembling items
  • Coordinating with vendors and overseeing all work needed for move-in
  • Making beds, setting up bathrooms, and organizing kitchen
  • Preparing old home for sale (cleaning, repairs, and staging)

Book Your Move Management Services in MD, DC & Northern VA

To get started on one of these packages from our move managers and professional organizers in the DC metro area, get in touch with us. Our personal assistants have your best interest at heart and are dedicated to your satisfaction. For a more organized home and less stressful transition, depend on Potomac Concierge.

Contact us today or call Potomac Concierge at (240) 200-4824 today to schedule your move management services in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, DC!

Our Policies

Please keep these things in mind when booking services with Potomac Concierge:

  • Please book your appointment one to two weeks in advance to reserve your preferred dates.
  • A surcharge will apply for appointments scheduled on weekends or holiday weeks.
  • Travel fees may apply.
  • Supplies are additional.
  • There is a fee for any cancellations.