Estate Sale Services in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

There comes a time in most of our lives when we need to simplify—by downsizing or editing the scope of our belongings. Potomac Concierge is here to help with that process with estate sale facilitation services designed to relieve our clients of the burdens associated with this monumental and often emotional task.

Our experienced team of professionals possess the unique skillset required for estate sale facilitation, providing expert assistance every step of the way. Partnering with Potomac Concierge during this transitional period of life allows you to focus on your health and wellbeing as well as other family and professional matters while we look after each and every detail leading up to your estate sale.

Our services are custom designed to meet your individual needs, and no task is too great or too small. With exceptional attention to detail, years of experience, and a mature, discreet approach, our team will help to solve any issues that arise and make your experience as seamless and stress-free as it can be.

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Our Estate Sale Facilitation Services

From the moment you contact Potomac Concierge, we start to work for you. During your initial consultation, a member of our trusted team of professionals will speak with you to determine your needs and arrange for a time to visit your home.

We’ll establish a realistic timeline in preparation for your estate sale and begin working with you to declutter, take inventory, and sort through your belongings. We have a number of well-vetted, trusted vendors at our disposal and will make all necessary arrangements for the dispersal of items you no longer need.

Once all your items are accounted for, we’ll make arrangements with estate sale personnel to go forward with the sale.

Some of the many estate sale facilitation services offered by Potomac Concierge include:

  • Set a realistic timeline of events in preparation of the estate sale.
  • Systematically inventory and sort through your possessions, helping you decide what to do with each item.
  • Determine which pieces will work well in your new space.
  • Arrange for the professional assessment of valuable items.
  • Communicate with trusted auction houses or estate liquidators to facilitate the sale of valuable items.
  • Arrange for items to be donated.
  • Arrange for the dispersal—including packaging and delivery—of designated items to various family or friends.
  • Arrange for items to be recycled.
  • Arrange for the disposal of items which are no longer useable.
  • Arrange for temporary storage of selected items.
  • Communicate with estate sale personnel as needed.

Schedule Estate Sale Services in MD, DC & Northern VA

If you need assistance planning and executing an estate sale, trust in the expert move managers and professional organizers at Potomac Concierge. From initial organization to thorough follow-through, our specialists will take all of the stress out of coordinating, managing, and completing your estate sale.

To schedule an estate sale consultation with one of our experts in DC or the surrounding areas, contact us online or call (240) 200-4824 today!