Home Organization in Fall: Exterior 10-Item Checklist for Your House

It may seem too early to think about prepping your home for the winter, but if you’ll be needing any services, advance planning is key. Lawn maintenance services and exterior painters get awfully busy this time of year. 1) CLOSE SWIMMING POOL – You will need to reduce the water level, unhook and drain pipes, […]

How to Handle Sudden Changes in Moving Plans – 5 Tips From a Move Manager

Usually, one has plenty of notice before a big move. There is ample time to declutter, pack up boxes, cancel subscriptions, and arrange for a reputable moving company. There are occasions when a move is more sudden, such as a death in the family, unanticipated job relocation, or last-minute changes in closing dates or tenant […]

11 Holiday Shortcuts – Tips from a DMV Personal Assistant

Sure, you may love the holidays, but are you someone who dislikes wrapping presents, dreads stringing lights, and cringes at the thought of crowded malls? Rest assured, there are ways to make life easier during those weeks leading up to Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve. Potomac Concierge’s staff of personal assistants have assembled some […]

8 Ways A Personal Assistant Will Help You Enjoy the Holiday Season

If you’re feeling overstretched with excessive holiday commitments and a desire to please everyone, know that you’re not alone. Studies on holiday stress show that almost 70 percent of Americans experience anxiety due to a time crunch in November and December. One way to reduce stress is to reach out for help. Hiring a personal […]

8 Ways Decluttering Can Help You Live A Simpler, Happy Life

Too much clutter in a home can be depressing, overwhelming, embarrassing, and distracting. Not only does clutter lead to brain fog, it also serves as a visual reminder of work that needs to be done. A messy home can become unsafe and difficult to clean properly. It can also waste a tremendous amount of time […]

13 Costly Moving Mistakes You’ll Make Without a Moving Manager

Moving into a new home should be fun and exciting- as stress free as possible!  Mistakes can ruin the process, cost you extra money, and waste valuable time. Fixing moving oversights/disasters can be overwhelming and expensive.  There’s no shortcut- do your homework, pay attention to details, and be smart about how you spend your hard […]

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