Tips for moving with pets

Moving is not only stressful for the humans involved-the process can also be taxing on your pets. Pets can be frightened by the hundreds of boxes that adorn the empty house, as well as all of the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the moving company that is

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Reducing waste when you move

Are you worried about the impact that your past moves have had on the economy? A 1997 study by the United States Environmental Protection Agency revealed that more than 1,580 pounds of waste is generated by one person per year and that the majority of that waste

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A faster way to move: Repax

Have you ever been frustrated with the amount of time you must dedicate to removing boxes from your home after a major move? Are you concerned with the impact the tape, single-use packing materials and other unsustainable moving products have on the environment? Have you ever wished

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