Eight Tasks to Check Off Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

June 14, 2020 | Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tasks for Summer

We all look forward to the slower pace of summer and spending more time with family and friends. However, the responsibilities that come with owning a home don’t go away when the weather is nice. Make sure the chores get done. Here are eight important tasks to check off your home maintenance checklist this summer:

  1. Mow your lawn – properly! – To keep grass looking healthy, your lawn mower should be on the highest setting. Otherwise, the grass gets exposed to drought and weeds. If you have a service, make sure the crew is cutting your grass properly.
  2. Create a schedule for watering your plants – The best time to water plants, foliage, and grass is early in the day. A good soaking three times a week is best during the hot DC area summers. You may want to consider installing a sprinkler system.
  3. Keep your pool clean – Keep it clean and monitor chemical levels. If a pool service is in order, our personal assistants at Potomac Concierge can set you up with a reputable company.
  4. Reverse your ceiling fan direction – Now is the time to reverse settings to counterclockwise. You want the air pushed down to create a nice breeze.
  5. Close your heating vents– To maximize AC efficiency, the heating vents on the main level should be closed. Those on the upper levels should be opened.
  6. Change your AC filter – The filters should be cleaned or changed regularly (e.g., monthly).
  7. Improve your windows and doors – Check the weather stripping around doors and windows to keep the cool air inside. Ensure you draw the drapes in rooms receiving morning or afternoon sun.
  8. Invest in pest control  Ant problems can usually be resolved with a trip to the hardware store. Mice and termites may require professional assistance.

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