Pro Tips to Help You Declutter in the New Year

The New Year is a time of reflection, gratefulness, generosity, and renewal, and there’s no better time for a positive change. Use our home and office organizing tips to declutter your spaces, and start your new year off right!

Pro Tips to Help You Declutter in the New Year

Top Tips for Home Decluttering at the New Year

Make the best use of your time and start home decluttering with the most visible areas. They’ll inspire you to continue with the rest of your home. Get started in your:


The space near the front door welcomes family and guests, so it’s a great place to begin organizing and streamlining. Create a spot for everything to keep things neat long term. (These tips also work for organizing your mudroom.)

Be sure you have a table or shelf for offloading an umbrella, keys, and other items in hand. Add a bench or chair for removing boots or shoes, with space underneath to keep them. Once dried off or aired, shoes can go into a nearby coat closet, if you have one. Try adding an old-fashioned coatrack (or wall hooks) to accommodate hats and scarves this time of year in DC, MD and VA.

Seasonally, when the weather changes, move coats to out-of-the-way storage or bedroom closets. As you remove each item for relocation, throw unneeded or unwanted hall closet/entryway items into a donation box.

Living Room or Great Room

Make this big space open, welcoming, and relaxing by clearing tabletop accumulations, and specify new storage spot nearby for frequently used items to live.  Place surface clutter, like coffee table items, in a logically located, nearby drawer—or in shelf baskets. Leave in view only what you love and what inspires you. This system makes it simple to neaten your space quickly each day.

Since this may be the largest room to organize in your home, start with small areas. List areas and check off as you declutter, enjoying the satisfaction of crossing off each one, while tracking progress made. Start with the coffee table, which is often the room’s hub and focal point.

Move on to the mantel and fireplace’s surrounding area, or your reading corner. Consider placing the books next to your reading chair in a floor basket or on a small table (with a built-in shelf below). Keep the reading stack small so you can focus. Add items not worth a re-read to your donation box.

What About the Messy Office? Decluttering Strategies for Your Workspace or Workplace

Whether you work at home or onsite at a business in DC, MD or VA, renew your energy, productivity, and creativity with a professionally organized office. Here’s how to get started:

Holiday Decorations

Don’t bother to pack everything away. When taking decorations down (at your home or business), toss out any damaged, inoperable or outdated decor. Make a list of what you need to replace for next year. (You might even take advantage of post-holiday bargains to do so.)

Your Desktop

Clean off your work surface to make daily tasks easier and more pleasant. You can accomplish this similarly to the coffee table strategy above. Also, clean up your digital files on your laptop, Google Drive, and/or other storage media. Keep only the digital files and apps you need in front of you. Uninstall, delete or store archived data so it’s not in your way.

Filing Cabinets

If you still have these, consider having paper files digitized to provide more usable space in your office.

Old Inventory (or Stuff You Never Really Use)

Evaluate everything. Consider whether it’s time to donate extra, unsold inventory or no-longer-useful office supplies. (You might be able to deduct from taxes or get donation credit).

Give Yourself a New Year’s Gift You Truly Deserve

In this post-holiday season, make a change from focusing solely on others. Give yourself a fresh, organized business and pristinely beautiful home to enjoy throughout the coming year and beyond.

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